8 ways spray foam insulation leads to long term savings

Spray foam insulating materials have gained traction in many homes. It is because it works well in both new homes and old homes that are getting renovated. When comparing spray foam to other methods, Spray foam is preferred because it cuts energy costs in the long run.

spray insulation

Here are eight ways sprays foam insulation leads to long-term savings

1. Saves heating costs 

Spray foam insulation is one of the leading in the industry because it covers all corners. It does not allow any space for cold air to move in and out. Spray foam insulation keeps the home warm in cold seasons because the warm air cannot get out.

The house also remains cool during hot seasons because the hot air does not seep into the house. It cuts the costs of heating and cooling the house by 20%.

2. Prevents growth of mold

Spray foam prevents moisture from seeping through the walls. It reduces mold growth on the walls, which can bring harmful bacteria. It eliminates the chances of getting sick due to cold air and bacteria growing in the house.

It saves the costs of renovating the house and reinstalling the insulation because of mold.

3. Prevents insects and pests from breeding 

Spray foam covers all the tiny spaces and blocks any holes or crevices. It blocks the way for outside pests and insects to enter the house. It saves the cost of getting exterminators because of pests.

4. Lasts longer 

Spray foam insulation is rated among the best insulating methods available. When installed properly, the insulation can last a long time. The estimated time it can last is over 20-80 years before you need to install it again.

5. It insulates against moisture 

For other installation methods, you also need to add a vapour barrier to prevent the moisture from seeping through. Spray foam insulation prevents moisture from passing through the cracks and spaces. It helps to save the cost of buying another material as a barrier against moisture.

6. Low maintenance costs

Unlike other insulation materials, spray foam insulation has low maintenance costs. The spray forms do not require checking any screws or nails since it is a sprayed solution that expands and dries. Maintenance costs are low and can include cleaning and inspecting any problems.

7. Improved air quality 

When the spray foam insulation is installed properly in the ducts and walls, it encourages good airflow. It also prevents pollen and dust from coming in. It saves medical costs for people with breathing complications.

8. Extends the lifetime of the roof

Spray foam insulation can be applied on the roof and coated with a reflective color. It regulates the heat of a house by reflecting the radiated heat. It helps the roof last longer and simultaneously reduces air conditioning costs during summer.


Spray foam insulation can be a great alternative to other traditional insulation methods. This article provides different ways spray foam reduces energy costs and other bills. It shows why spray foam is one of the best insulation materials.