Upgrade Your Home with Stylish RW Garage Doors

Richards Wilcox specializes in designing, manufacturing, and installing Canada’s best quality and most stylish garage doors. Whether building a new garage or upgrading your doors, you can’t go wrong with RW garage doors. The company provides quality doors that combine the most beautiful and stylish designs with top-quality materials. Whether it’s traditional or contemporary garage doors, RW can deliver.

garage door RW Garage Doors

When choosing a garage door, there are two options. Sliding and swinging doors.

Sliding garage doors

This type of garage door opens by pushing it horizontally. It slides along a track when opening or closing. They do not require much space and are most popular in commercial settings. However, residential properties can use them too. Sliding doors are customizable. You can choose the color, material, hardware, or arrangements. They are easy to operate and are less noisy. They also come in different styles, which we explain further below.

Swinging garage doors

Swinging doors are the traditional hinged-style garage doors. They swing open and close on hinges. They can be single or double doors, depending on your chosen style. Swinging doors are also customizable. You can choose the placement, color, or style you prefer. They are often made of wood. Many choose the outswing type because it allows enough space for large cars.

Different garage door styles

RW offers different styles of garage doors. You can choose your preference among these:

Carriage doors

Carriage doors are swinging types. They can swing in or out, depending on the style you choose. The out-swinging type gives more internal space for cars and other things in the garage. They are mostly made from wood, but the material is also customizable. You can choose from different colors too. These doors are popular in traditionally designed homes. The panels are usually decorative.

Contemporary garage doors

RW offers a beautiful selection of contemporary doors. The styles have modern designs with up to 12 colors to choose from. These doors can be made of aluminum, glass, steel, or wood. But often have a sleek look and are also customizable. Contemporary doors can go well for residential or commercial properties.

Side-hinged style

This garage door style is a swinging type that opens to the side. It can be double doors, where each opens to its side. Or single door. It gives the garage that traditional classic appearance. Side-hinged doors are ideal for residential properties. They are usually made from wood.

Raised panel garage doors

The raised panel style is among the most popular styles. You can choose from different colors and stylish hardware. It also takes up little space and can be used in commercial or residential property.

With RW garage doors, you can find different beautiful and stylish designs. The doors are customizable. Therefore, you will get what you need regardless of the building designs or functional needs. Whether you choose a swinging or sliding type, RW has various beautiful designs that can go with your home or property.