6 Ways to Keep Your Home Relatively Clean During Renovation

Dreaming of a stylishly renovated home but dreading the mess and disruption of construction? With the right planning and precautions, you can preserve your sanity and tidier living areas even during major remodels. A few simple strategies go a long way in containing dust and debris. Maintain cleaner zones and your design vision with some smart guidelines. Read on for six essential tips to keep your home relatively clean amid the hammering, sawing, and upgrades.

Home Relatively Clean

1. Isolate the Work Zones

Cordon off rooms or sections. Demolition and building are happening there. Use plastic sheeting or temporary walls. Seal doorways with plastic flaps and keep them closed when not in use. The containment preserves cleaner spaces for normal living. Just be sure to allow proper ventilation.

2. Control Dust

Dust is unavoidable, but you can reduce the spread of it throughout the home. Have workers tape down plastic or canvas drop cloths in the work area to catch debris. Use HEPA air filters and temporary ventilation fans to cycle dust outside.

3. Clear Clutter

Get a head start on cleaning by clearing furniture, artwork, accessories, and other movable items from work zones. This also eliminates potential damage or soiling of belongings during the project.

4. Schedule Cleaning Breaks

Agree with your home improvement contractor on periodic cleaning breaks so the crew can tidy the area. Quick daily sweeps and pickups make a difference. After major demos or drywall work, you can hire professional cleaners for deeper periodic cleanings.

5. Use Mud Rooms

Create transitional spaces like mud rooms with bench seating and storage cubbies. Workers can remove dusty gear and shoes here before entering cleaner living areas. Temporary floor coverings will further trap debris when transitioning between spaces.

6. Limit Access and Foot Traffic

Try to direct construction traffic through one dedicated pathway between entrances and work areas. Avoid spreading dust by restricting access to certain rooms or floors. However, remember to keep egress paths clear for emergency exit routes.

When to Call in Cleaning Help

Major drywall, tile, or flooring work creates significant dust needing professional attention. An accredited home improvement contractor can recommend reputable cleaning crews to call for:

  • Surface dusting and scrubbing
  • Air duct cleaning
  • HVAC filter changes
  • Window and screen cleaning
  • Thorough vacuuming, including vents
  • Floor mopping and restoration


Remodeling brings unavoidable dust and disorder. But, following cleanliness practices helps keep life sane. It helps amid work. With some planning and effort, your home can stay clean. It will still feel comfortable while upgrades are completed. Contact home renovators for a free consultation and learn more about their renovation services. Also schedule a free in-home estimate.